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The spiral towers

FRIday - 26/04/2013 16:16

From primitive, the leaf hut or of animal skins was erected to cover sun, rain for people. It is also the first of works in the architectural history of mankind.
Travel via ancient Egypt, Gothic, to modern, the of works are being faster grown about height. Sustainability of construction works and the advantages one of the important elements of the of works, but less people have hard themselves when constructing buildings with shape that easily recognize no little trouble in building and using them. Spiral is one of the style do floating, not only that people are more crazy plans to build the buildings spiral itself according time. By the self-do is hard that the world has spiral buildings with their own history.


Turning Torso


Turning Torso

Turning Torso is a skyscrapers in Malmö, Sweden. It was designed by the Spaniards architect Santiago Calatrava and officially opened August 27th, 2005. The tower reaches a height of 190 meters with 54 floors. After completion, it was the tallest building in Scandinavia and is the second tallest building in Europe, after the Triumph-Palace 264 meters in Moscow.


The tower's design is based on a sculptures by Calatrava called Turning Torso, from a white marble piece based on the spiral posture of the human body.

Turning Torso art


The main reason for built Turning Toso is created of a new symbol for Malmö instead of famous Kockums crane, symbol of the shipbuilding industry of Malmö was displaced in 2002

Begin construction in the summer of 2001, the building consists of nine segments the pentagon interface section, each of paragraph five floors. Plus eight gaps between the segments, which is in fact as well as a floor. The story spiral up according a clockwise direction, the top rotated ninety degrees compared to the ground floor.


Each floor is an irregular pentagon around a vertical circular core. A steel frame according a spiral angle of the pentagon is also up but it seems to bring the task frame more spiral structures against the architect for building.
Two combustion the bottom of the office area. The combustion from 3 to 9 is for 147 luxury apartments.
This building apps assembly technology, except for a round cores shaped by the coffa (molds, pour Beton) climbing and Main floor sliding poured the Beton in place, most of the structures are in the form of assembly. Reinforcement is built into each cage and crane to install cable in place then piercing is done. No walls are made ​​up but the plate panel format but also precast stairs before each rhythm. Crane up and put on a remarkable point of this work.


Turning Torso underconstruction

Turning Torso is in the process of building


Although the application of modern methods of construction, but the project was delayed due to the prolonged snowstorms in Northern Europe.
After putting into use for about a year, August 18, 2006, an Austrian paratrooper named Felix Baumgartner parachuted onto the roof Turning Torso and jump off it right then that the owner did not know.


Except shaped fancy some people still think that buildings can create tornadoes due to its spiral architecture. Further it is still how it will poured down when struck by a meteor or a flight similar to the 9/11.




Due to private buildings to visit within it are limited.Since 2009, people visited the building but only in a few summer weeks, and with the limited number of tickets can be booked in before into a symbol of Sweden.



One of the symbols of Sweden



Turning Torso by night



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