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Benefits of eating green vegetables daily

THUrsday - 27/06/2019 10:35
A study by the University of London (UK) suggests that eating 800g of vegetables (10 servings) a day - twice the amount recommended by WHO - will protect health from disease and prolong life
Meanwhile, Vietnamese people only eat vegetables on average 170 - 200g / day, while the amount of meat absorbed is increasing. This means that we are eating too little vegetables, although everyone knows that a diet high in vegetables is always considered good for health.
Here are the health benefits of eating daily green vegetables that you should know:

                 -  Weight loss
                 - Good for bones
                 - Reduce cravings for fast food
- Digestive system works better

 Eliminate toxins
               - Sleep better
               Prevent cancer
               Reduce the risk of diabetes
               Prevention of heart disease
               Improve vision

Scientists emphasize that you need to eat a variety of 5 colors of vegetables and fruits to allow your body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, each color of fruits and vegetables carries a different message about the specific nutritional value.
              - Red food helps support cell, prostate, blood vessels and DNA protection
             - Yellow and orange foods are good for the immune system, cardiovascular health, vision, growth and development, cell protection, and support to maintain skin moisture
          - Green foods support lung and visual health, bone and dental health, support cell interaction and maintain healthy cell growth
             - Green and purple foods support cardiovascular, brain and bone health, anti-oxidation
             - White foods support enzyme function, maintain bone metabolism, help protect arteries

 If it is not possible to ensure a sufficient intake of fresh fruits and vegetables with the recommended amount and color, you can substitute with functional foods derived from completely natural plant freeze-dried powders, grown and harvested on recognized organic farms.

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