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Border in March

SATurday - 27/04/2013 00:17
Every morning wake up, everyone from kids to adults busy for their lives. Country despite slow growth, political society is not sustainable but at least we can live in peace. To obtain this peace, most recently 17 years ago hundreds of thousands of our compatriots who fell before the fierce enemies. It is difficult to say that the United States we live in peace because anytime firestorm may down ends Nation. Our people live in these places are always subject to many hardships and dangers. A specific action to help protect the Country is shared in order to reduce the difficult part of the people in the places have been destroyed by the enemy?

Bệnh viện sau cuộc chiến
Hospital after the fight

In March, the 17-year anniversary we drove the invaders out of the border. The trauma of the war still lasted until now. Tuoi Tre newspaper has launched the "Borders in March" to contribute to shared problems of the people in these places. The sharing food, cut our coat will help to get the roads, schools or health clinics to people working less hard in places and will be suffer the first painful for Vietnamese.


A class at the border just thatched with slices and around by the trees

Less a cup of coffee, less drinks or a less time for us to join hands to help those who is needing our help and also an expression of solidarity and love for the Fatherland four thousand years of the Vietnam.


People join hands to build homes for people
People can see more via a series article  to the program "Borders in March" on the Tuoi Tre and information about the 1979 war for more knowledge of modern history.
The contributions from the project will be collected at the end of March and will be awarded to the program. List supporters will also be updated on the company's website for all members of monitoring and participation.
March 2013

After more than half a month to launch a movement "Border in March", everyone in the main office and the far works responded enthusiastically contribute to help the impoverished people in the border regions.
 The air of response movement in Nha Trang
The money raised stage 1: 3.022.000d
In which:
- Office: 970.000d - List attachments
- The collective works in project Waste water treatment plant Nha Trang : 792.000d
- The collective works in project Nokia Bac Ninh: 1.260.000d (deduct) - List attachments

March 2013


The money raise stage 2: 660.000đ
- The collective Bien Hoa factory workers: 660.000d
Total donations: 3.682.000d
The money raised but which show little but full of people. After receiving the amount of donation, Tuoi sent to whole company heartfelt thanks.
Thank you letter from Tuoi Tre sent to all employees of the Company

June 2013

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