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Encouragement to education 2013

THUrsday - 11/07/2013 13:39
Every year when the school season, the children and parents are eager to prepare books for the new school year, and season of annual education promotion of company to back. In order to support the children of company employees before entering the new school year is reassuring learning, the Company has prepared the full of meaning gift. Wishing you good learning.

This year's encouragement to education is prepared earlier than last year, the staff of site works were eager to prepare application file, trader registered enhance their knowledge to submit about the main office to register their child books.
Preparatory work is hard, though tired but also happy that this meaningful gift will be given to child's hands. This year, there are many more changes, the site works such as Bac Ninh, Quang Ngai, Company also determination to send the books to the children by sending mailers.

Site works in Nha Trang, New Pearl, Riviera Point, Workshop, Diamond Island, all books are sent to the site works and given to the employees.

Awarding Books at site Diamond Island

And New Pearl too.

Awarding Books at site New Pearl
The joy of receiving books expressed by smile. Wishing this small gift will bring joy to each family.

June 2013
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