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Limitation of using electricity in peak hours

MONday - 01/07/2019 12:08

As we know, the electricity sell price has many different levels for each customer group.

Specifically, with electricity retail prices for daily activities, it’s divided into 6 levels with the highest level is using from 401 kWh or more, the price is 2,927 VND/ kWh, the lowest is 1,678 VND/ kWh.

The electricity retail price for production in highest peak hours is 3,076 VND / kWh, Normal hours is 1,685 VND and the low hours is VND 1,100. For administrative object: the highest is VND 1,902 / kWh, the lowest is VND 1,659; the retail price for the business sector, the highest is 4,587 VND / kWh, the lowest is 1,361 VND ...
The calculation of electricity price by hours encourages people to use electricity during low hours, and to limit at peak hours to avoid overloading and power shortages during peak hours. If we take advantage of low hours, we will both ensure business efficiency and save costs; both contributing to reducing the investment pressure of the country, limiting the mobilization from high-priced power sources.
In order to save electricity effectively, we need to limit using electrical equipment at the same time during peak hours (Morning from 9:30 - 11:30; Evening from 17:00 - 20:00).We can choose to use energy-saving products that have been labeled the energy star of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; using LED lamps to replace compact fluorescent lamps; maintenance and cleaning of cooling devices help the device run more stable, higher efficiency and more energy saving; with air conditioning, it is recommended to run at a temperature 25 - 26 degrees Celsius during the day and 27 - 29 degrees Celsius at night; combine air conditioner and electric fan together to reduce the power consumption of air conditioning; keep the door closed to avoid reducing the cool temperature in room; installation of automatic temperature monitoring and control equipment for air conditioning systems ...This will ensure energy saving, limit the sudden increase of electricity bills, other way it will contribute to minimize the risk of local overload and cause interruption of power supply.

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