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Tomato Vender

THUrsday - 13/06/2013 11:32
At the drawback of economic crisis like nowadays, we can easily realize Viet Nam is worse and worse losing its position in the world market. There are some examples of giving and taking bribe that the press have a few chances to exposure to the light,  drug trafficking and abuse, bugling, gambling,...are happening everywhere. Fortunately, however, I came across an evidence of advance in Vietnamese thinking and perspective of working. It shows that Viet Nam still has hope and opportunities to keep pace with the world.

Daily life
It was a day near the Lunar New Year Festival, called Tet, the cloud was clear and the wind blew gently that made the trees in the market swung in the wind. And it was the scene of the story. After wandering to the end of the market, choosing things that I needed, I returned and came over the vegetable stand. While choosing the ripe – fresh tomatoes, I heard the shopkeeper talked to another customer: “Lady, you’d better buy a little, just enough for Tet holidays, because after Tet, the price will reduce to the half.” At first, I was a little bit surprised. On the way home, a question kept spinning on my mind. Normally, the business men uses flattery words to persuade because of the upcoming decrease in price. Nevertheless the shopkeeper advised the customer just buy enough, she even informed her buyer about the decrease in price. At first, I thought it caused damage, but after considering her speech, I realized it bought unexpected advantages. The advantage itself lies in the way the shopkeeper created the confidence towards the customers. Therefore, customers kept buying her tomatoes. That is the long-term advantage, that we usually call “regular customers”. Example, that she persuaded customers to buy tomatoes to excess in the high need of tomatoes, so she just get a little instant benifit, but would they then buy her products for the next time? And it didn’t cause any big damage. For instance, in the shortage of tomatoes, it cost 10,000d per kilo, and she could take profit of 2,000d per kilo. When the tomatoes devalued,  it cost 7,000 d per kilo, she could even take interest of 1,500 to 2,000 d. Consequently, her profit other was small but ensured and she also gains money from vegetables that she sold. All of the advantages come from one reason, that is THINKING OF CUSTOMERS’ RIGHTS. Although the idea is simple, we aware that the people’s consciousness more and more develops. And more importantly, we can strongly confirm: “ Knowledge decides everything".

Essential development of society
Knowledge doesn’t bear itself, people don’t naturally have knowledge and practice makes perfect. Therefore, knowledge makes people better and better and society more progressive.
Wish that anyone who are face up financial problems can apply this small lesson to life as well as work.

February, 2013
Author: Gia Han


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