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Dradging My A Fishement Port

Wenesday - 08/05/2019 10:41
My A estuary is one of the six seaports of Quang Ngai province, where it has been a long-time fishing industry, where there are about 300 boats of fishermen in Pho Quang commune and neighboring communes. mooring. Over the years, MyAA seaports have been regularly filled up. Fishing boats with capacity of over 33 horsepower can not go out for fishing and anchoring, which greatly affects fishermen's production and life. Every year, fishermen have to spend hundreds of millions to dredge the channel into the door. The My A sea mouth is also a place to drain down the Thoa, Truong and Tra Cau rivers in the two districts of Mo Duc and Duc Pho, but due to sedimentation, there are thousands of hectares of rice in the flooded area each year. The day caused serious damage to agricultural production of hundreds of farmers in Mo Duc and Duc Pho districts. After the embankment in 2010, the My A estuary continues to be accreted, thus obstructing vessels from entering and leaving the port. Therefore, the Quang Ngai People's Committee shall dredge the dredge to ensure the operation of My A port.
Project: Dradging My A Fishement Port
Location: Đức Phổ District, Quảng Ngãi Province
Owner: Công ty TNHH Trường Thành
Dreginh volume: 1.2 million m3
Amount: 35 tỷ đồng (USD1.7 million)
Period: 02/2011  to 05/2015.

Cửa biển và cảng Mỹ Á
My A Estuary and harbour

Cửa biển Mỹ Á
My A Estuary

Vị trí nạo vét
Dredging site

Cạp cát lên xà lan tự hành
Loading to seft propeller barge

Gàu cạp 4m3
Grabbed bucket 4m4

Cạp lên xà lan boong
Loading to flat barge

Cạp cát lên tàu mẹ ngoài khơi 5km
Loading to mother ship at 3NM offshore


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