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Nha Trang Plaza Hotel

THUrsday - 25/04/2013 13:51

Nha Trang Plaza HotelLocated on Tran Phu street with  colonnade of bluish coconut- tree, the Nha Trang Bay, one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world.
Project’s constructed area: 4.899m2
Project’s land area: 2.000m2


39 storeys high, with truly unique design, extremely smart to diversify needs to use, every floor has 32 rooms (standard rooms)
Coffee house at 38th floor, where you can see all the coastal city of Nha Trang with the telescope system. There will also be colored chandeliers capacity towards the East Sea.
The hotel will be managed by Best Western Group of America. This is one of the leading hotel management group in the world, general purpose and diverse in hotel management with 4,200 hotel rooms,  total over 400,000 in 88 countries.


from Nha Trang bay

Nha Trang Plaza Hotel seen from the order side of Nha Trang Bay



The road along the Nha Trang bay, view from the roof of Nha Trang Plaza



Chamber form is being completed


Update 20, August 2011


At the end of the year, everywhere are busy and Nha Trang Plaza is also hurry up to reach the target of investor. Wet works was essentially completed for showing the perspective of the buildings. But putting on a nice coat will only take place after Lunar New Year is also a low point of the project achievement.

Havana Plaza ready for painting work





cập nhật 28/12/2011



Interior finishing work is being completed




After via problems about the coating material, external painting work has been started.


Update 30, April 2012




Havana JSC


Construction period


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