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Nha Trang Waste Water Treatment Plant

SATurday - 27/04/2013 07:01

Waste water treatment plant for Southern of Nha Trang city is under the item 02, the second phase of the project for environmental sanitation renovation of Nha Trang city with a total estimated investment of $ 25 million, support of World Bank and reciprocal capital of Khanh Hoa province.


By design, the plant do receiving and processing the entire waste water volume of the central area and south of Nha Trang city with a design capacity of 40,000 m3/ day,night and is expected to be upgraded to 60.000 m3/ day,night in 2025. All waste water here will be deep treated by oxidation ditch technology - advanced waste water treatment technologies have been widely used in many countries around the world. The work is extremely important items in environmental sanitation improvement projects  of Nha Trang city. Works when in operation will put an end to the direct discharge of untreated wastewater into Nha Trang Bay as long.

Welcome the guests to attend the ground breaking ceremony

The morning on August 17th, project management unit of improving environmental sanitation Nha Trang city, Kumho main contractors and subcontractor Ngu Thuong held a the groundbreaking ceremony to build " Southern Nha Trang Waste Water Treatment Plant”. Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang – Chairman of province and heads of departments, and of Nha Trang city attended.

The basic equipment is ready for construction

Ngu Thuong company will be responsible for the entire construction project. The motorized necessary has also been ready for works immediately after the ceremony. Since the project is located on an area of large shrimp pond, the process of  handed over landmark of project was done a week before the groundbreaking ceremony in order to win time after starting.

Delegation working over kilometer crossing field and ponds to check for landmarks

PMU and contractors to relax a little below the shadow of Central sun

Landmarks are buried at deep of bank
Project: Nha Trang Waste Water Treatment Plant
Location: Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang City
Investment: $ 25 million
The total factory area: 60 ha
Construction time: 2012 - 2014
Owner: Project management improving environmental sanitation Nha Trang City
September 2012

A month after the groundbreaking ceremony, the shadow of rice fields and shrimp pond in brackish water gradually transformed into the image of a construction site during clearing the ground.


Nha Trang is not the center of the Central, but the rains in Central have shown in WWTP.The difference is not "muddy ground”  that the land is looked very sturdy after sun up, but ... do not step on it.

Quite as "chasms" to enter the construction site through the access road just completed

The Caterpillar becomes small, the far distance is the city of Nha Trang
October 2012

After the long New Year's holidays, the construction site is bustling to continue on pile-works and beginning deploy the work of foundation for 4 final-tank.


Pile convoys queue up on the field.

Shaped bottom of final-tank

HDPE pipe is also prepared to be installed at the bottom of the tanks

Internal inspection

Final inspection for rebar installation

Site view at end of March 2013

Rebar for final tank

Formwork for wall of final tank

Site view at end of June 2013

One year

The workshop for experience management by NT-2.1’s contractors presentation

May 2013, the World Bank conducted a full check Improving Sanitation Project Nha Trang city. The quality of the work, professional process of waste water treatment plant project, NT-2.1 package has been appreciated by the World Bank and suggested investors to replicate the project to other Packages.
On the occasion of one year contract performance, the PMU and contractors of  NT-2.1 package has organized a workshop to share the experience to the contractors of other packages of the project. Provincial People's Committee of Khanh Hoa Nha Trang, Construction and other departments of Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa also pleased with the quality and progress of the project and recommend contractors continue for initial success until complete the project.


The shrimp ponds is gradually being replaced after 10 months of work.

Site view at end of September

Site view at end of November 2013

Site view in April 2014 after completion of main items

Ngu Thuong’s engineer and PMU do introducing the plant to students


Almost 30 months for construction, the plant is putting in operation after successful commissioning period.

Members of Kumho and Ngu Thuong before leaving the project

Whole view of the plant in opening ceremony day

Waste water before flowing to final settlement tank

Google catch photo one month after the plant in operation.

Although it is heavily influenced by bad weather conditions in central VN rainy season, but the information from PMU that in the inspection of IMPROVEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION COASTAL CITIES'S PROJECTS in three cities of Nha Trang Quy Nhon Dong Hoi the NT-2.1 has been assessed a typical package for management quality and progress of the entire project by the World Bank.
Author: Trong Nghia

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