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Nokia Factory

THUrsday - 25/04/2013 13:52

Factory mobile phone equipment Nokia Vietnam was built in VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Zone with an area of ​​17 hectares, the total initial investment of 200 million euros ($ 300 million). This is Nokia's first factory in Southeast Asia and is the basis of mobile production company's 11th worldwide. At VSIP Bac Ninh, Nokia will participate in the production, processing and assembly of mobile phones, factory is expected to be officially put into operation in 2013, production reached 180 thousand / year and create jobs for 10 thousand employees.


The factory in Bac Ninh


Currently, Nokia has a high position in the economy is growing, thanks to the variety of the basic telephone line. The construction of the Nokia mobile phones in Vietnam not only satisfy the growing needs of the basic telephone line of people, but also help Nokia done strategy "connected to a billion people to next" on the global.

Nokia first came to Vietnam in 1996. Currently the Finnish phone company has 10 manufactory from Latin America (Brazil and Mexico) to Europe (Hungary, Romania, Finland, UK) and Asia (India, China and South Korea).


Project: Factory mobile phone equipment Nokia Vietnam

Location: VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Zone

Investment: 200 million euros ($ 300 million)

The total factory area: 17 hectares

Construction time: 2012 – 2013




June 2012



Transient, site has a few hundred workers. Although between the blank area but the safety is required highly by Mace Consulting, even the shirt must also have reflective tape, at first which makes uniforms are jagged dolomite because of not supply promptly shirt has reflective tape for site.


Safety! Safety! Safety!


"The Matrix" foundation


Preparing for concrete on the floor of ground in the first


July 2012



Three months later, from an empty lot, the shape of site has appeared of clear zones Amenity finished concrete of the 1st floor and Factory also started concrete of the 1st floor. Only a short time the appearance of a factory will gradually appear.


Amenity Zone finished off the 1st floor.


The column on the 1st floor of the Factory


Some work of the steel structure has begun.


Update Sep, 2012.


"Urgently, quickly" is the word to be evident in the pictures of the site this period.
Pass the hot sun of summer, the cold of winter, the site has gone 3/4 the way and wait for opening day.

Nokia Signs have been hung up in the Amenity

The air can feel in the site, all the echoes mixed together in the site, makes people engrossed in work and racing each other.

Nokia Signs have been hung up in the Amenity intensifying the excitement of people to emulate each other to the finish.

Every one is emulating to the finish

No one else is that workers hand hammer, nail hand hurried constructed rhythmically as artists of site to create finished products such as today's Nokia.

The artists are dancing  on high scaffolds above 10m daily

Amenity of zones operator will be handed over early next month, the officials and employees of Nokia also prepared personal belongings and luggage to move into the area to begin a new journey ahead.

Overcome all day and night, contractors are determination to complete the requirement that the CDT has made.

The structure will be completed all in phases end in March 2013 along with the clean up and handed over.

The 5T crane truck is cleaned up and materials are transported to warehouses become small

March 2013

Author: Mr. Minh Tri - Project Director

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