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Nokia Openning Ceremony

THUrsday - 28/11/2013 10:02
After more than 4 months back the Nokia Project, the scene in which we look back at Nokia Bac Ninh Factory project is wonderful. Nokia is best project at Vsip Industry Zone and have good standard for safety, quality, environment and best policies for employees. An European standard project in Viet Nam country.

Opening on 28th,Oct 2013 and full activate on factory with slogan “ CONNECTING PEOPLE” . Along with two other factories in Asia located in India and China. Nokia was and continues to be competitor of many competitors in the mobile phone market globally after Nokia Factory in Bac Ninh put into use.

One of the main gate entrance to the Nokia Factory

A waiting for new production

Looking at one corner when project completed

Easy to see Nokia Factory when beginning to VSIP Industry Zone
Author: Mr. Minh Tri - PD

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