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Phuoc Long Apartment and Service Area - Imperium Town - Convergence of Elite & Worthy Level

TUEsday - 30/06/2020 10:27
Located in the southern center of Nha Trang, Imperium Town Nha Trang is not only a complex of high-class serviced apartments, but also a proud symbol standing in the heart of the vibrant coastal city.
On a total area of ​​more than 10,168 m2, Imperium Town Nha Trang is a perfect combination of trendy Shopvilla apartments and the luxurious Imperium Tower accented tower. It is a place that not only converges the values ​​to make the perfect apartment but also an ideal resort. Every resident of the Imperium Tower will have a universal "key" to enjoy life to the fullest, so every moment of life is full of energy and unforgettable marks. (Extract information of the Investor).
With project planning: Including 39 floors with 561 luxury apartments, 3 floors of commercial podiums, 3 basements for parking, 36 floors of apartments, Commercial Boulevard with 41 trendy Shopvilla, on the total investment up up to VND 1,200 billion. On April 27, 2020, the Investor signed a contract for the package "Construction and installation of reinforced concrete structure of Imperium Tower” with Ngu Thuong  Engineering - Construction Corporation. Shortly after that official construction work began to ensure the project was officially put into operation in mid-May 2021.

Project Summary:
Project: Phuoc Long Apartment and Service Area - Imperium Town
Location: Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
Main contractor: Ngu Thuong Corp
Progress: 04/2020 - 05/2021
Official construction work began the day after the anti-covid-19 campaign of social divestment

Quickly coordination meeting on site between PMU, Supervision Consultants and Ngu Thuong Contractor

The construction work was urgently implemented by Ngu Thuong contractor under the approval method, together with the close participation of Supervision Consultants and PMU

Concreting to complete floor B2

The next milestones of B2 basement are made in accordance with the progress

Safety and Site Inspection are carried out in compliance

Floor B1 has been shown

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