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Son Duong Port

THUrsday - 26/09/2013 10:35
The port has a total capacity of 30 million tons of cargo / year, receiving 30 thousand ton ship out on 36 docks.
Starting on 02/2012 with construction items including wharf and breakwaters with total length of more than 8 km.

Son Duong Port's Master Plan
Project: Son Duong's deep water port (belong to Son Duong Steel Complex and Port)
Location: Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province
Owner: Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Co., Ltd.
Capital investment: $ 1.5 billion
Progress: 02/2012 to 05/2016.
Main Contractor: Samsung C & T
Item construction by Ngu Thuong: Caisson infill.
Son Duong Port project is carried out by the main contractor Samsung C&T of Korean Samsung Corporations is most experience in the field of port construction. 
The wharf is 3,091 m long consists of 96 caissons what is the largest weigh up to 13,800 tons. The length of breakwater is 5,202m   with 152 caissons.
To speed up the progress of construction the main contractor has equipped professional concrete a workshop with sliding form system, it activities in the most adverse weather conditions to ensure the construction work quickly and safely. To install thousands of tons heavy concrete blocks safely and accurately to the cm, the contractor has also invested nearly $ 10 million to make a equipment for launching caissons.

Caisson and the worth $10 million launcher
After the caisson was installed in place, the sand will be infill wells to keep the durability and stability of the foundation piers.

Caisson after launching into the seabed
With the volume 2.3 million m3 of sand poured into the caisson, subcontractor have to mobilize equipment and operating continuously day and night to achieve schedule and technical requirements of the project.

Shooting into each cell of caisson

Sand is being shot into the caisson.
At the end of September, 34 caisson were in designed position along with dozens of concrete block are waiting for sinking into position.
The work for the northern breakwater is rushing to complete before coming of monsoon in the period from 12/2013 to 01/2014.

Season the sea, the site port becomes the silence when the largest ship must also go to avoid storm. The prancing easy waves jetties was being built. The large waves pushing large volumes of water to thousands of cubic meters of sand blown onto shore rocks formed deep hollows holes after beton wall.
Information accurate forecasting waves to a quarter day but the time of low waves to the contruction and create a silence site in the waves.

Surf in Son Duong
Author: Thanh Trung

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