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Tan Son Nhat Airport – Int. Terminal

Wenesday - 17/04/2013 12:42
Being invested with capital up to USD 219 million, the upcoming international terminal was expected to increase the total service capacity from 7 million to 15 million passengers per year by the time it would have come into operation at the end of 2006. However, this outstanding architecture was put into use one year later due to some objective reasons.

When the project had finally been completed, the entire old terminal would serve domestic customers only. The international terminal is located to the left of the domestic terminal. The total area of the airport is 92,000 m2.

The construction of the new international terminal is a part of a project funded by the Special Credit Fund of $ 219 million, which was signed by Japan and the Vietnamese government at the end of 2002. The project was implemented by a joint venture of four leading Japanese contractors, including Kajima, Taisei, Obayashi, Maeda, referred to as KTOM Joint Venture, and more than 30 domestic and foreign subcontractors.   


The summary table for information of projects and contractors

Although the investment of the project is only equal to a modern passenger plane, it had been accomplished with the effort of thousands of people over three years. As a result, the new international terminal has closed the gap between global infrastructure and the Vietnamese one.



Scope of work

Structure of wing PTB2
Complete PTB2, wing
Viaduct (a part)
Motorbike parking

Road walk

Construction period

2006 - 2008

Some pictures of the new terminal during the construction and completed


The old terminal and land before constructing the new terminal


The design of the new terminal of international stature

Scaffolding for main spans of viaduct


Construction of the overpass lead to the terminal's Departure gate

View from the East

Highest level on PTB

Rebar works on PTB


After completing


The lobby during the construction

Precast beams for connection slab

Connecting slab between PTB1 and PTB2


The main dome


Sảnh Đi khi đã đưa vào hoạt động


Nhà ga với kết cấu mái uốn lượn


Toàn cảnh


Vào cửa Tiền Sảnh Đi


Sảnh Đợi lên máy bay


Phòng đợi

Cầu dẫn ra máy bay

Boarding bridge foundation under construction


Air Force One của Tổng thống Bush tại Tân Sơn Nhất khi công trình đang xây dựng.


Một kiến trúc tiêu biểu


Một cửa ngõ ra thế giới.

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Colleagues in the project " Construction of the Tan Son Nhat International Terminal ".


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