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Waste Water Treatment Plant -Southern Long Xuyen City

TUEsday - 14/06/2016 14:47

As an administrative, economic, cultural and social center of the province. Long Xuyen city attract people to live, work, learning more and more. Industrial parks, companies, factories, production facilities - business ... more well formed, which is pulled by a significant increase in the amount of waste, waste water daily. For years, waste water of tens of thousands of households, waste water from the business, the service is still released into a common sewer network of the city, and then discharged into the canal that pollute environmental, health and affect the development of the community.

To elevate the city. Long Xuyen to Class I, at the same time to solve the problem of wastewater discharged directly into canals polluting the environment, the implementation of the construction of the drainage system and complete wastewater treatment for center of provinces is essential.
Separation of waste water from rainwater and treated before being discharging the natural environment is the goal of the project.

October 8th 2015, JSC An Giang Electricity Water held a groundbreaking ceremony of the drainage system and wastewater treatment TP. Long Xuyen. Provincial Chairman Vuong Binh Thanh, Mr. Lee Won-ik, Minister Counsellor Embassy of Korea,  Mr. Son Young-hwan, Customs Counsellor, Consulate General of Korea; ... attended.

Ngu Thuong' member at  the groundbreaking ceremony

Project including

·5km new rainwater drainage piping system added to the existing storm water drainage;

·Wastewater treatment plant in the North, with capacity of 10,000m3/day;

·Wastewater treatment plant in the South with capacity 20,000m3/day;

·HDPE pipe network for sewage collection (69,2km; 8 sewage pumping station) ...

The total project funding of $ 65.6 million, of which the Vietnam Government counterpart fund of 19.6 million USD, ODA loans by Korean Government $ 46 million, An Giang Water Electric Corporation as an investor.

The Southern Plant is commenced on January 4th , 2016

Land area before construction

Clearance and topsoil removing

After topsoil removing

Embankment around plant boundary

Layer compaction to attain required compacted ratio for embankment

Sand filling up to 2m higher than surrounding rice field.

Piling works on going

First concrete pouring for Oxidation Ditch on October 2016

Shaped look of site area on November 2016 

Visit of Vice President of An Giang province on Mid of 2017

Main structures almost finish on hight tide season

Oxidation Ditch, RC just completion at end 2017
Author: Tuan Anh

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